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  • Printing Solutions

    Ein Harod Meuhad-based company that develops advanced, tailor-made paper and printing solutions for the parking, transportation, healthcare, banking, gaming and leisure industries.

    From specialized coatings and markings to thermal paper manufacturing, our cutting–edge R&D capabilities meet the demands of ever-changing markets. Relying on our inherent creativity and flexibility, we apply our dynamic work methods and innovative methodologies to everything we do. Our unique solutions accurately answer the most specific and detailed needs of constantly developing industries. With over 30 years of market presence throughout Europe, Asia and the United States, we are committed to state-of-the-art technology and precise delivery, time and time again.

    The company’s celebrated R&D division is always working to generate new and improved on-demand and generic integrative paper and printing solutions. We use cutting-edge technology to formulate state-of-the-art color coatings and coating layers for various media, which can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as extreme heat, cold, humidity radiation and moisture.

    Our printing capabilities include offset, flexographic and rotogravure printing. In addition, we have a large variety of converting capabilities. Our technological prowess forms the basis for integrative solutions and converts paper into unique products. As such, our capabilities include die cutting, slitting and rewinding, zig zag folding, single cut, diversified marking abilities (numbering, barcoding, unique logos, etc.), hot and cold stamping, gluing, laminating, magnetic stripes, single pass process from raw material to final product and more. We are also proficient in adding the latest security features, including holograms, foils and various specialty inks.

    Seeking introductions to clients in the parking, transportation, healthcare, banking, gaming and leisure industries.

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  • Wound Healing

    Ramat Gan-based medical device company developed a breakthrough, non-invasive, wound healing technology for the medical treatment of
    chronic, hard to heal diabetic, vascular-insufficiency, and pressure wounds.

    The Company’s flagship product, is the first ozone-based technology specifically designed to enhance and accelerate wound closure and recovery. In the future, the Company will be able to leverage its technology to address other severe chronic wounds and cosmetics treatments.

    Product has received the European CE mark and the Israeli Health Ministry’s certification for the treatment of hard-to-heal chronic wound. The product is currently commercially installed in five medical centers and clinics in Israel, and has been successfully used to treat over 500 patients. In addition, the Company completed a double blind, Placebo controlled clinical trial, which successfully validate the safety, efficacy and superiority. The results of these trials are serving the company as the baseline clinical portfolio to the FDA’s 510k submission within this

    Seeking introductions to strategic partners to bring product to US.

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  • Medical E-commerce

    Ya’ad-based platform for sale of medical products. It helps manage purchasing, and is an open and transparent marketplace. Seeking introductions to privately owned ambulatory surgery centers, physician groups, and physicians.

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  • Organic Foods

    Ra’anana-based manufacurer and distributor of organic products and provider of different products for the private label for different chains stores

     Company works with a wide range of products such as:

     ·         100% organic fruits juice like Pomegranate, Plum, Apple, etc., we control a share of about 95% of the organic juices in Israel

     ·         Organic pasta whole wheat and white Durum wheat different shapes

     ·         Organic fruits spreads 100% fruit with no sugar added again different flavors like Strawberry, Plum, Blackberry, etc.

     ·         Tomato products :chopped, paste, cubes, etc.

     ·         Organic Barley Coffee which we also sell to the US we have a small distributor and we get big demand for that product

     ·         Organic Milk Substitute like rice, oat, soy

     ·         Organic Rice and corn Cracker different flavors

     ·         Organic Granola Different Flavors :crunchy, Muesli, etc.

     ·         All of our Organic products are under Green Field Brand (organic is in our nature)  and Kosher certified

     We are interested in increasing our range of products and categories by sourcing for more partners/producers in the US that has organic products.  Also to find different distributor’s in the US that can penetrate the US market with our products

    In addition, company is seeking to procure canola oil (Rap Seed oil) producers in the US; we are talking about very big quantities.


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  • Military Communications

    While billions of dollars are being spent by the US, UK, Australia, India, NATO, Brazil and others to produce better tactical radio systems, this Israeli startup has gone and created a revolutionary tactical communications solution, free of the failings of today’s technologies. Military communications development budgets are vast – 17 billion dollars were spent in 2012 on tactical radio solutions alone. Superior communication is as important a tactical advantage as having the best tanks, guns and warplanes. Despite the massive funds invested to create a next generation tactical radio that can give high quality continuous transmission, the complexity of the task at hand has caused many development projects to be cut or scrapped before reaching their goals.

    This company has developed a unique and patented technology using narrow band radio and efficient mathematical and networking algorithms. They have gone and produced a radical product that empowers existing communications networks with a technology that meets the operational requirements others are still dreaming of. They have created a buzz amongst some of the world’s most significant military organizations.

    The founders are seeking suitable partners to assist in establishing sales channels for existing products, expanding business development, to fund initial manufacturing processes and to     continue with R&D activity.

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  • Drug Delivery

    Ra’anana-based company specializes in the development and application of advanced trans-membranal drug delivery formulation solutions. Seeking introductions to strategic partners, pharma companies, medical research institutions and investors.

    The basic drug delivery system, based on a micro-emulsion technology, was originally developed at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva. During the past four years the Company has developed a new advanced safe, painless and cutting-edge platform.

    The Company’s proposed technology consists of Self-Assembled Nano-structural System (SANS) (Ø=10-50nm) for drug delivery or SANS-based Drug Delivery Technology (SANS- DDT) comprising of a versatile, bio-compatible, isotropic, thermodynamically stable drug delivery system made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients (GRAS). Management believes that the Company’s SANS offers an appropriate drug delivery system also for new and emerging biotechnology derived products. It will enable non-parenteral/needle-free delivery of biopharmaceuticals that are presently administered subcutaneously (e.g. insulin injection) and other medications that transdermal delivery would improve their efficacy but are not permeable through the skin.

    The Company is currently engaged in three developments:

    1. Continuous Transdermal L-DOPA/Carbidopa Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease (Patch); The Company’s approach may provide a clinically effective transdermal delivery of levodopa for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and to eventually achieve a simple solution for the late motor complications. According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, there are around one million Americans suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and 60,000 new patients are diagnosed each year. Medication costs are estimated to be around $2,500 per person each year, with a total economic impact of around $25 billion in the U.S. alone.

    2. Nasal Administration of Parathyroid Hormone; Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is naturally an 84-amino-acid polypeptide. Attempts to develop a drug based on the recombinant molecule rhPTH1-84, which have been unsuccessful so far. In 2002 the FDA approved teriparatide, PTH 1-34, of recombinant DNA origin, manufactured by made by Eli Lilly with the brand name FORTEOTM (injectable). Based on the animal studies carried out by the Company, Management believes that the Company may possibly develop a nasal delivery of the PTH 1-34 peptides using the SANS.

    3. Intranasal Insulin Delivery;

    The Company has obtained, in a series of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies in diabetic (chemically induced) rabbits; approximately 20% relative bioavailability was obtained by intranasal administration of nano-sized emulsion (compared with the conventional subcutaneous administration). The percentages of bioavailability obtained were, to the best of our knowledge, significantly higher values than any value published in the literature thus far. In recent experiments with a new formulation of SANS we have succeeded to further increase the bioavailability of insulin in the rabbit model (unpublished data).

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  • Climate Control

    Rishon Le’Zion-based developer of advanced monitoring and control system for industrial, security and renewable energy applications developed a smart climate-control system for agriculture for greenhouses, dairy farms and poultry. Seeking introductions to partners and distributors.

    As a result of years of research, the company presents an innovative comprehensive and transformational approach to Climate Control in Agricultural buildings: Greenhouses, Dairy farms and poultry.

    The system provides

    Full Automation of:
    ? Planning and Design Module
    ? Continuous Monitoring & Control:
    ? Different sensors e.g. temperature, airflow and humidity levels and smartly controlling the  devices of the greenhouse
    ? Integrated heating and drying system
    ? Intelligent fogging and chilling system

    Intelligent Expert Control System: 
    ? Smart resolution of abnormal and emergency situations
    ? Generates guidance, alerts and reports to the end-user

    Key Benefits
    ? Fully accurate  year round agricultural  building management
    ? Assists in optimization of project design
    ?  Increased yields
    ? Lowered disease incidents
    ? Lowered maintenance costs
    ? Lowered electricity and water expenses

    Measurable Benefits:
    ? 80% Lower maintenance costs (water, electricity, agrochemicals, direct labor)
    ? 80% less CO²
    ? Reduced pesticide requirements
    ? Increased yield
    ? Ensures increased uptime, and meets or exceeds Power Purchase

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  • Vehicle Locator

    Hod Hasharon-based International Telematics Company with more than 25 years of experience in design and production of Systems for vehicles, commercial and private, introduces a new line of Cellular based Security/Locator Systems for Personal Vehicles.  The Systems use Google Map and GPS tracking for real-time reporting of incidents, such as: Car-Jacking, Theft, Accident, Vehicle Malfunction, etc.  The units are self-maintained and easily installed.  The Systems are also available for Motorcycles and Marine use.

    The Commercial AVL (Automotive Vehicle Locator) unit is a 24/7 Real-Time Tracker with customized inputs per the Customer Requirements, such as: Security, Delivery, Transportation and Fleets.  The Systems provide the latest technology for Security.

    The Company seeks to expand its Sales/Distribution to Automotive Audio, Motorcycle, Marine, Automotive and Truck dealerships.  Territorial areas of Sales/Distribution will be considered.

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  • Falling Prevention

    Haifa-based company developing cutting edge technological solutions to fall prevention among elderly people.
    We have working prototypes, which have been successfully tested in a Gait Laboratory. We need funding to complete the process and start mass production. For this purpose we started a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo:

    What makes B-Shoe so special, is that it is a “smart” shoe. B-Shoe is a shoe that detects imbalance at an early stage and rapidly re-establishes balance by automatically moving a foot backwards, thus preventing a fall. The balancing mechanism is integrated into a standard walking shoe. It consists of the following elements: pressure sensors, integrated motion device, microprocessor, rechargeable battery and smart algorithms all embedded in the shoe sole and heel.

    Seeking introductions to strategic partners in orthopedics and the shoe industry, and investment.

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  • Religious Tourism

    Jerusalem-based company with 30 years of experience in handling tourists and pilgrims coming to the area, operates on tailor made yet flexible programs built around all kinds of requests and sorts of visits from regular Christian pilgrimages, cultural and luxury tourism. Company’s focus on a personalized touch when it comes to providing services; paying direct attention to the clients’ needs and requirements in order to make sure the programmed tour goes as planned comfortably. Staff is very well molded and trained in the tourism industry and can deal with anything related to aviation, hospitality tour planning and management.

    Packages and the itineraries offered are based around Israel and Jordan, with capability of providing the large services from the moment our tourists set foot in Israel until the minute they leave. In addition to a full array of hospitality services, company also provides event management services upon request for occasions that travelers would like to celebrate.

    Company is a member of SKAL International (The International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals) with specialization in incoming tourism to the Holy Land, providing services in a very personal approach and is certified as Travel Experts by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

    Seeking introductions to Southeast travel agents and religious organizations.

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  • Water Vending

    Petach Tikvah-based company provides an end-to-end solution for drinking water in any public space by installing and maintaining a network of “Drinking Water Vending Machines” (DWVM) in the public domain. Machines provide water that is cleaner and healthier than tap water and cheaper than bottled water. This not only makes water available “on the go” for the consumer, but also addresses many environmental concerns by providing a viable alternative to plastic bottles. The city’s residents and visitors only need to bring their own bottle and woosh® does the rest providing a network of water stations that is intergraded with the smart city water grid. DWVMs will be located in public spaces such as tourist attractions, universities, parks, shopping malls and public transportation, as well as in corporate sites.

    The core technology (Patent Pending) is an ozone-based water purification system uniquely developed for drinking water vending machines. Company has developed the first ozone-based disinfection systems with multipurpose capabilities: water purification and a unique bottle sterilization feature. Additionally, it provides real-time monitoring and is also the first zero discharge vending machine. The vending machine provides a modern graphical user interface; a fully computerized remote controlled vending application; and utilizes RFID bottles to make the refilling experience smooth and accessible.

    Seeking introductions to potential distributors and to tourist attractions, universities, parks, shopping malls, public transportation, as well as corporations.

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  • Personalized Oncology

    Tel Aviv-based development and research company, that is dedicated to a personalized, evidence-based oncological data analysis approach.  Company’s mission is to improve the medical treatment and decision making of customers whom are cancer patients and or their doctors.

    Highlights of company’s approach:

    • Custom-made molecular analysis of tumors’ characteristics allows personalized pharmaceutical efficacy prediction of targeted therapy as well as chemotherapy drugs.
    • Cutting-edge Lab techniques utilizing double-controlled NGS sequencing of a solid tumor tissue or “liquid biopsy based” samples (CTC’s or naked tumor-DNA), vast proteomics assays and a comprehensive tumor  profiling analysis (including oncology-cantered exome or RNA-based analysis).
    • A  unique molecular analysis algorithm which takes advantage of the way onco-genes affects the tumor cells phenotype, thus allows to predict the relevant clinical applications.
    • Scientifically approved, statistically-significant efficiency scaling analysis of all the relevant optional oncology treatment
    • Fully-personalized, Evidence-Based data-analysis algorithm that concludes the relevant benefits and risks that should be taken into account for a better and wiser decision making.

    Seeking introductions to key opinion leaders to join scientific board.

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  • Speech Recognition

    Ramat Gan-based company developed an advanced voice recognition system enabling people with severe motor, speech and language disorders and communication disabilities to naturally communicate with people, control devices (tablets, PC, Smartphones) and apps (browse the web, play games) using their own voice. The company would like to enter a joint venture or commercial agreement with companies and organizations with the goal of implementing the system in new markets.

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